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    Dr. Michele Kinderman

    Dr. Michele Kinderman is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and co-founder of Wellness Outside the Box. For nearly two decades, she has been successfully treating children and adults struggling with trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship conflict, parenting issues, and the stresses of everyday life. Early on, Dr. Kinderman found that employing the same textbook theories or techniques with every client was often ineffective and significantly limiting. This prompted her to explore creative and unique approaches to wellness that highlighted the warmth and support of human connection. Dr. Kinderman continues combining the more traditional therapies (cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, insight oriented therapy) with music, movement, and nature to assist clients in building their strengths and achieving their goals. In addition, her love of animals became a natural segue into the field of Pet Therapy where she helps individuals and families work through grief via connection and interaction with animals.

    To maintain balance and serenity in her own life, she enjoys hiking, rock climbing, skateboarding, dancing, and spending time with her husband, two sons, and the family dog Zippy.