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    Walking the Walk – Wellness Outside the Box

    Drs. Kelly Yanek & Michele Kinderman

    Drs. Kelly Yanek and Michele Kinderman, co-founders of Wellness Outside the Box “walk the walk” by sharing tools, tips, and strategies from their own experiences so you can not only hear them “talk the talk” but “walk the walk”. The mission of Wellness Outside the Box is to use traditional clinical therapies combined with experiential and adventure based learning to take therapy off the couch and “outside” the box.

    Click here for links to the Walking the Walk Podcast Episodes.

    Podcast Interview on Thrivival 101

    In this episode we speak with psychologists, Dr. Kelly Yanek and Dr. Michele Kinderman, about what led them to leave their standard jobs and develop their innovative therapy practice, Wellness Outside the Box – Therapy Redefined.  Kelly and Michele talk with us about how they incorporate nature-based therapies and their unique Dual Therapist Model into their practice and how these approaches have been beneficial for both them and their clients. Our guests also offer tips on how other therapists can begin experimenting with novel approaches to treatment, and we end off by hearing about some of Kelly and Michele’s favorite “non-conventional” self-care practices.