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    Individual Therapy

    Individual therapy sessions at Wellness Outside the Box last 45 mins and include Dr. Kinderman, Dr. Yanek and the client. We utilize an eclectic approach involving multiple therapeutic modalities. Some of the benefits of individual therapy include:

    • Identifying ways to cope with stress and developing specific problem-solving strategies.
    • Examining a person’s interactions with others and offering guidance with social and communication skills.
    • Mindfulness and relaxation techniques, such as meditation and breathing exercises.
    • Exposure therapy for people with anxiety disorders. In exposure therapy, a type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a person spends brief periods of time in a supportive environment, learning to tolerate the distress caused by certain items, ideas, or imagined scenes cause. Over time, the fear associated with these things may dissipate.
    • Tracking emotions and behaviors to raise awareness and the impact of each on the other.
    • Creating a safety plan to help someone who has thoughts of self-harm or suicide recognize warning signs and use coping strategies such as contacting friends, family, or emergency personnel.