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    Nature Breaks

    Fall is the time of year when the days appear to be getting shorter and the leaves start dropping from the trees. People are back into the swing of things having come off of the lazy days of summer. Instead of viewing this time of year as a time to start heading back inside (preparing to hibernate for the winter), think of it as a time with many opportunities to spend time in nature.

    If you are cooped up at work all day and feel like it’s dark when you leave and dark when you get home, make sure to take some time during your day to get outside. While going out for a “smoke break” isn’t the healthiest of choices for obvious reasons, going out for a “nature break” is.

    Try taking 10-15 minutes at least 2 times per day to go on a brief walk, even if it’s around the parking lot. If the setting permits, walk around the block or opt to stroll outside to get your afternoon cup of joe. A 2015 article from the Washington Post noted how much of an impact “microbreaks” can have on productivity. Nature can often be the best remedy for stagnation in thought or writer’s block. A short shift of scenery really can do the trick.